Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book chat: Books I Want to Re-read Again for the "First" Time

Hi everyone!!! :)

So, today I want to share with you the books I want to re-read again for the "first" time. This idea has been created by Misty from The Book Rat and you can see her books here in her meme called Book Chat.

Before I show my books, I'd like to clarify that for me re-read a book and re-read a book for the "first" time are two different things. I re-read some books because I really enjoy them the first time and I want to remember some parts that enjoy very much. But, re-read a book for the "first" time is for me when you wish you didn't know anything about the book and you could feel the same things for the first time, the mysteries are unsolved and the lovers are not together yet. So, in this list I've chosen books that can be in re-read books and re-read books for the first time, but some book only enter in the category books I want to read again for the "first" time.

And here are the books:

I laugh a looooot with Maitena books. I wish I could read the stripes again for the "first" time. They are hilarious and soooo true! :)

I loooooove this book, maybe more than Nick and Norah's inifinite list. The book is about a girl and boy who decide to play a game. They leave clues for each other to find a red notebook where they are anecdotes, feelings, ideas, cool huh? I wish I could read this one for the "first" time because I really loved the game.

The story is soooo good and the writer too. I really loved the book. At first, I wasn't rally interested in the story but once you see what it's about you can't put the book down and you can't stop thinking: Wow, this is soooo goood, this is sooo good, I don't want to finish it. Yeah, I want to have that feeling again.

This book is also really good. There is some kind of "mystery" unravelled and many things going on that I wish I could read this one for the "first" time :(


Well, Lola is such amazing book. I really loved it. I like at the beginning when you know nothing at all and everything is unravelling little by little :) 


This one surprised me a lot. first, because of the society, it's different from ours and at the same time similar. There are some parts which are explained, things are found out by the main character and things about Ky that I wish I could discover again.


This book is amazing. It mixes everything: love, friendship, family, maths. I really loved when some things are revealed that I really want to read them for the first time.

Yes, this is perfect if you could read the book for the first time. Many mysterious things need to be revealed.

I really loved this book, but I know many things about that the re-read won't leave the same impression as when I read it for the first time. Anyway, this is a great read for the lovers of books.

Last but not least, Persepolis. It's a great read and I really loved to find out more about Iran society and about Marjane. I'm definitely going to re-read this book, but I feel that it was the same.

Well, this is me, but what about you?

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