Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sundays in bed with... Robert Louis Stevenson


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Hi everyone!!! :)

My plans for today is to finish this book:

It's a compilation of essays by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

I am almost done with this book. I need to read two essays and I'll finish the book :) The essays, some of them are difficult to get into and others are amazing. Overall I like them, but in some of them I had to force myself to finish them. I hope that doesn't happen with the two have to read. We'll see.

This is what I'm reading today. What are you reading? Feel free to share with me in the comments :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Haul: Books I bought in my honeymoon

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to share with you the books I bought during my honeymoon. I thought it would be better to show them in a video, although I don't know why, this video was difficult to make. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share with me what do you think about them and if you have bought something recently. 

Books I mention:

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston

Restoring Grace by Katie Fforde

There's something about Christmas by Debbie Macomber

The miracle of Christmas (The perfect Christmas  Call Mrs Miracle

Snowy nights by Heather Graham, Marilyn Pappano, Lindsay McKenna, Annette Broadrick

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sundays in bed with... Two very different books, but really cool ones :)


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Hi everyone!!!
I hope you're having a great day :)
Today I'm going to spend the evening with these two books:  
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This is Warhol by Catherine Ingram. This book is a Warhol's biography. I really like it because I'm learning things about Walhol and the Factory which I didn't know. Also it has pictures and photographs :)

Por el gusto de leer(For the pleasure of reading) by Juan Cruz. This book is basically an interview that Juan Cruz did to the publisher Beatriz de Moura. It's really interesting because Beatriz explains how she created the publisher house and the people she met (authors such as Beckett, Kundera, etc.) Really cool book which also contains photographs.

These are the books that I'm reading today, feel free to share yours or a blog post or video if you've created one :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Blogger Hop!

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I wanted to do something different and I've found the perfect meme. I hope you like it :)

Book Blogger Hop

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This meme consists of aswering a question: 

Why would you stop reading a book? Too long, wrong genre, bad language, not what you expected, or something totally different? 

My answer is: Normally when this happens is because the book is not engaging me enough to keep reading. I need the book gives me something and after 100 pages if I'm not interested in the book, I put it aside.

Do you like this meme? If you liked it and you want to participate, just click here or if you don't want to make a post, you just can share your anwer in the comments :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Middle Grade May Read-a-long Wrap-Up

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to show the books I have read in the Middle Grade May Readalong. It was a strange experience, but I enjoyed it, it was fun :) For some reason, I don't know why, the image is a bit unfocus, sorry about that :(

Books I mention:

Historia de Nadas ( Nadas' stoy) by Andrés Barba

The worlds of Catalina by Patrick Modiano

The Bird King and Other Sketches by Shaun Tan

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

El fabuloso mundo de las letras (The wonderful world of the letters) by Jordi Sierra i Fabra

The little witch by Otfried Preußler

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sundays in bed with 3 books+a new family member :)


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Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I need to relax. I just want to enjoy the day and read some books.

In the afternoon I'm reading:


Confesiones de una editora poco mentirosa(Confesions of an editor a little liar) by It's a really cool book and I'm enjoying it very much. Esther Tusquets was an editor and she tells in this book her experience. It's so well-told that I can't stop reading it.

In the evening I'm going to try to finish two books:

En torno a mi trabajo como pintor (About my work as a painter) by Antonio López. In this book Antonio talks about how he started his vocation, what he thinks about other painters such as Balthus, Picasso and Matisse, the problems he had with his paintings and how he dealt with them. Really cool book too. I really like Antonio López, he is humble and close to people.


The little witch by Otfried Preussler. This book is a very fun book to read. I didn't expect that because I remember starting reading it and I didn't like it, but now I'm enjoying it very much. It's about a witch who wants to go to a ball, but she can't because she is too young to go. she goes there anyway, but she is busted and now she has to be a good witch.

New member of the family:

I went to a wedding last weekend and the bride and the groom gave this plant as a present.


I hope you have a good day :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

April wrap-up

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to share with you the books I have read in April. I hope you enjoy the video. Below you can find links to the books, so you can check them out on Goodreads.

My weekly wrap-up # 1:

National library week wrap-up:

Dewey's read-a-thon wrap-up:

Books I mention:

Soy de pueblo (I am from village) by Raquel Córcoles

Dejar de amargarse para imperfectas (Stop worrying for imperfect people)by Lucía Taboada

Poetry by Antonio Machado

The Diary of a Provincial Lady (The Provincial Lady #1)by E.M. Delafield

Bioy Casares a la hora de escribir (Bioy Casares when it comes to writing) by Felix della Paolera

La guía fantástica (The fantastic guide) by Joles Sennell

Viajes (Trips) by Mercè Sendino

El librero de París y la princesa rusa by Mary Ann Clark Bremer (The librarian from Paris and the Russian princess)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors that I want to meet

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Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to share with you the ten authors I want to meet

Helene Hanff. Unfortunately this is impossible because she passed away, but if I could I definitely met this author. She seems to me a funny interesting person.

Paul Auster. Oh, I really love Paul Auster's world or at least I like the one he creates in his books. So, it'd be great to have the opportunity to meet him and he shared with me how he creates them.

Neil Gaiman. I would like to meet Neil Gaiman. He writes soooo well. It's always a pleasure to read him.

Ana Oncina. She is the creator of one of my favourite comic: Croquette and Small Pasty. These charactes are very charming and funny. I can't wait she publishes more ^^

Brian Selznic. I really like this author because he combines drawing with words. I have seen some interviews and he speaks in a very interesting way that it would be great to meet him.

Ann Brashares. I really enjoyed her series The travelling pants that I want to meet the author behind that. I think she is very interesting.

Louse Rennison. As Ann Brashares, i think Louise Renison knows how teenagers talk and start relationships. I want to kno how she does that :)

Shannon Hale. I like this author because she writes different things and she is not stick to a gender. It would be interesting to meet her and know more about how she can do that.

Alex Finn. I have only read Beastly by this author and it was AMAZING. I really want to meet her and see how she can change a fairy tale just as she did.

Carmen Martín Gaite. Another one that is impossible to meet because she died, but Iit would be great if I could meet her anyway.

Monday, May 4, 2015

My Middle Grade May Readalong Pile

Hi everybody!!! :)

Today i want to share with you the books I'm going to read for the Middle Grade May Readalong. This readalong goes from today 4 th of May until 17th of May. This is hosted by:

Patti @ ISmellBooks

Akoss @ Akossiwa K

Books I mention:

Historia De Nadas / Nada Stories by Andrés Barba

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Catherine Certitude by Patrick Modiano, Jean-Jacques Sempé (Illustrator)

El fabuloso mundo de las letras (The wonderful world of the letters) by Jordi Sierra i Fabra

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

Quatre Soeurs en Vacances (Tome 1) (4 sisters on holidays) by Sophie Rigal-Goulard

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Mr. Lemoncello's Library#1) by Chris Grabenstein

Let me know if you have read any of these books.