Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Hi! Well, another week in which I think about what I've read, what I'm reading now and what I'm going to read next.

Last week I finished 2 books: 

                               Heist society by Ally Carter. I like the book but I think teenagers love it more. 

                                Ghost world by John Clowes. I like the comic but I don't like one of the characters (my favourite, by the way :)) has to say bad words. I like some parts in they are deep but I didn't like other parts in which the main characters are mean with other people.

Now, I'm reading:
                                Bad Karma by David Safier. I loooooooooove this book. I find it very entertaining and very very funny. I highly recommend it. I also read Jesus loves me and it's very funny too. I really enjoy reading Safier's books so I recommend you.

                                One day by David Nicholls. I looooooooove this book. It's amazing, very entertaining too. It's very well.written. I recommend it too.

                                 Howards End by E.M. Forster. I like the book it's very good. 

                                 A l'ami qui ne m'a pas sauvé la vie by Hervé Guibert. I like the book but it's a bit sad.

Next, Lipstick jungle by Candance Bushnell

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Hi! Just another week in which I tell you what I read, what I'm reading and what I think it's going to be next.

Last week I didn't finish any book. It's because I found some interesting books and instead of finishing what I was reading I started reading them.

So, now, I'm reading eight books but specially 4: Heist society by Ally Carter, One day by David Nicholls, Cat among the pigeons by Agatha Christie and Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I love the four books, very entertaining.

Next, I want to read Mieses Karma by David Safier. I read Jesus loves me and I like it, so I want to read another of this funny author.

By the way, I recently discover One day has already made a film. How cool is that! :) I can't wait to watch the film.

This is me, but what about you?

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Hi! Another week and this is what I have read, what I'm reading and what I am going to read.

Last week I finished 

                Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. In the end, I like it but in some parts I was disappointed. I don't understand why she has to include Cole in the story or why Grace's parents spend a lot of time at home now. I liked more Shiver, only Sam and Grace telling you the story is what I liked the most, but in this part they seem they don't have anything new to say. That is my impression.

                Loads more lies to tell small kids by Andy Riley. I liked the book because the lies are funny but I don't love it. I find funnier Bunny Suicides whose book Andy Riley is also the author. 

Currently I'm reading

              Heist society by Ally Carter and I loooooooove it. I heard of this book in and I tried to buy it but I couldn't find it. In the end, I found in the library, so I'm reading in Spanish. It's not the same but I like it anyway.
            Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I looooooove this book too, but I prefer Heist society because Delirium is a bit sad. I like the story because it's weird and I think Lauren Oliver writes very well. I want to try other books by her.

            Cat among pigeons by Agatha Christie. I want to read all the books of Agatha Christie so, from time to time I choose one which I read fast. In this case, I was a little disappointed because the action didn't start very quickly but now, it's interesting. 


             One day by David Nicholls

This is me. What about you?

Monday, August 8, 2011

August TBR

This is an idea I saw in and consists on telling what books you  intend to read in August. Well, as I said in other posts I am not very quick reader so I'm going to be realistic.

In this month I already read Looking for Alaska by John Green and Call book by Sophie Divry.

Now, what I am going to finish this August is

          Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (I am on page 300 of 425)
          Cat among pigeons by Agatha Christie
          The book of (even more) awesome by  Neil Pasricha
          Howards End by E.M. Forsters

Maybe I read

         Digital Photography by Steve Bavister
         Don Quixote's delusions by Miranda France

Uf! Maybe there are too many, but we'll see next month :)

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Last Monday I totally forgot to say what books I was reading, oops, haha. But, anyway, I'm going to share to you what I finished last week, what I'm reading right now and what I expect to read next.

Last week I finished Call number 400 by Sohie Divry. I liked but I didn't love it because it's a monologue and I prefer more action, more intrigue, more suspense, so, in this case I was a little disappointed. I also finished Looking for Alaska by John Green.I really like it but I think other people such as teenagers enjoyed it more, I don't know. The first time I heard of John Green was in a slight exaggeration of the truth talking about John Green's Vlog but I really wanted to give it a try and buy some of his books when Anne in her blog recommend him. Thanks a lot for the recommendation :)
Two weeks ago, I finished in one sitting Anya's ghost by Vera Brosgol. AWESOME BOOK!!! I highly recommend it. It's very nice. I think I heard of it in so thank you so much for talking about it in your blog. I really enjoyed it.

This week I am readying 7 books, yeah, I'm a bit impulsive but I am not a quick reader :p The books are: 

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, I really liked Shiver, but this one is taken me some time to go into the story.

Cat among the pigeons by Agatha Christie. I like so much Agatha Christie that I can't help treating myself with some of her books from time to time.When I was younger I didn't like her books much but now I'm a huge fan and I expect to read all her work :) but it's too much :S Well, we will see. 

The book of (even more) AWESOME. I boght this book because I hear of it in the blog Consumed by books but I couldn't find the first part. I really like this book, though. From time to time I read a passage and I laugh, so thanks Liz for sharing this book with us. 

À l'ami qui ne m'a pas sauvé la vie. I like this book, but it's a bit sad because it's a man who is dying of AIDS. I'm reading little by little because I have more books and I do not read very fast in French. 

I also reading Digital Photography because I want to do nice photographs.

Finally, I still reading Howards End and Don Quixote's delusions although I have them a bit neglected.

Next, I want to read 1Q84 by Murakami.I think he writes very well so now I want to read one of his novels.

This is me, but about you?