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Review: Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

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In Daily Rituals by Mason Currey you will find the daily routine of writers, artist and composers such as Patricia Highsmith, Picasso or Simone de Beauvoir among others. You'll see what these artists do the whole day, what routine has decided to appy to their lives, and how successful it is. 

My Thoughts:

I really wanted to read this book for a long time and when I could borrow from the library I was really excited about it. For months I wanted to know what artists did the whole day, how they did things, how they sticked to routine, etc. 

Once I started reading, I fell in love with the book because in it you could see clearly what the artists did from the morning until night. Sometimes it was explained in a short way (1 page long), sometimes you could read a routine with more detail (3 pages), but normally the routines were short. I really liked knowing how people I admired did the whole day and, if I liked them, I could even try their routines myself. Cool huh?

But, there were some things that started bothering me. The first one was I didn't know how the book was built. It wasn't chronologically, it wasn't built based on how famous an artist was, so I still don't know why the author decided to put these artists in this particular order. (If you know, please let me know). The second thing that started bothering me was the fact that I didn't know the majority of these people and it was a pity because I would enjoy the book way more if I had known them before reading the book. Sometimes I checked who they were, but even knowing that they were painters or composers didn't make me more excited about them.

In the end, I felt that there were too many routines (once you have read 20 you are tired of reading routines) and most importantly that there were a lacking in women. I was surprised that I couldn't find more women. Why was that? Was it because the author couldn't find their routines or he wasn't interesting in artist women?

Overall, I liked this book. I felt really interesting specially when you saw how people who were performing the same art had totally different routines and they had success in their field. 

I gave it *** starts

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