Thursday, October 1, 2015

October TBR

Hi everyone!!! :)

I hope you are well. Today I want to share with you the books I want to read this month. Here they are:


Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. This book compiles the routines of many famous people such as Simone de Beauvoir, Patricia Highsmith and Pablo Picasso. In this book you can find what these authors, painters, composers do the whole day, even for years.


Art (Objects) by Jeanette Winterson. This book is a compilation of essays where Jeanette talks about art, literature, criticism. It's really interesting so far because Jeanette has a very unique voice and make you think about stuff you have never considered.


So many boook, so little time by Sara Nelson. This one is about Sara Nelson deciding to read one book every week and write about it in a journal. Just to read what the book was about I wanted to read it right away. I hope to enjoy it, we'll see :)


The book of awesome by Neil Pasricha. This book is about the small things that happen in our life that they're AWESOME such as you buy a toy or an electronic device and the batteries are included or you try the Christmas lights and all of them work. I have already read The book of even more awesome and The book of awesome (holiday edition) and I loved both of them. If you feel a bit low, I recommend you to read them, they'll cheer you up :)


Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn. This one is a novella about a woman who wants to find her father. It's not Christmas, but I am intrigued by the story.

So, yes, these are the books I want to read this month. Let me know if you have read them and what you thought about them and let me know what you're reading this month :)

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