Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to read more books

Hi everyone!!! :)

I hope you're having a great day! 

Today I want to share with you some tips that can help you to read more books.

  • Pick short books. This year I was in the mood of reading short books, I don't know why, just happened. It was an interesting experience because, if you're like me, a slow reader, you feel accomplished and happy to add another book to your goodreads account. Graphic novel also can help you here :)
  • Spare time to read books. Instead of watching that really bad movie, why don't you pick up the book you want to read since, well, forever? 
  • Read books you really want to read. Sometimes I pick up a book thinking that I'm going to love, but I don't. Instead of putting aside, I try to read at least a little bit more and I struggle. I have read 5 pages, but they feel like 50. That is the moment to stop and pick another book. You will see the difference because if you're reading a book you really want to read, you're reading so fast that you can't believe you've read 50, 100, 300 pages. AWESOME! :)
  • Focus in one book. Just read one book and not let other books distracted.
  • Or focus in several books at the same time. Because if you're like me, sometimes you need a break from the book you're reading at that moment. I love you Lizzi and Mr Darcy, but now I want to know how Sherlock is going to solve this case.
(I do both. Sometimes I read only one book because I feel otherwise I'm going to start a lot of books and not finish anything, and other times what helps me a lot it's reading 2 or 3 books at the same time, so I can take breaks. Do what is best for you. No rules here.) 

  • Take a book always with you. I don't do this anymore because I have back problems, but i have to say that works perfectly when you want to read more. You're wasting time waiting in a queue, just take out your book. Read in the bus, at the doctor's office, in the destist's office, in a queue. If you do this, you will see you're reading more without noticing and having fun while you have to wait.

 I hope these tips have helped you to read more. Let me know in the comment if they helped you. 


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