Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 Books that have marked me this summer

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Today I want to share with you TEN BOOKS THAT HAVE MARKED ME THIS SUMMER. 

The other day I was watching Booktuber videos and Lala from BooksandLala post a video with the title: Favourite Books I Read in summer. When I saw it, I thought it was a good idea and I decided to create a post where I tell you the books I enjoyed the most during the summer. But when I started to create that list, what is my surprise that I don't remember what they about or what I liked them. So instead of telling you my favourite reads of the summer I'm going to tell you the books marked me during the summer. The books in the list have 3,4 and 5 starts on Goodreads .I hope you like it.

Let's start!

A room of one's own by Virginia Woolf. I really enjoyed this book. In it Virginia talks about women and literature and what women have to do to become authors, what they need to become authors. What I enjoyed the most is how Virginia tells you the whole thing. She takes you to go for a walk and explain you what she knows about the matter. It was really original. I really enjoyed so much that I gave it 5 starts.

las astronomas chicas estrella (sabelotodos con actividades)-sara gil casanova-9788496751637

Las astrónomas (Women astronomers) by Sara Gil Casanova. I also  really liked this book. In it Sara Gil talks about the women astronomers since the very beginning in history until now. This book was really interesting and I like how Sara put the whole thing, it made me want to become an astronomer myself. 
I gave it 4 starts.


I feel back about my neck by Nora Ephron. This book is a compilation of essays about the neck, purses and aging. It was a really interesting book and I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. What I liked the most was the fact that you could read it easily and it was told in an intelligent and interesting way.  Although sometimes I didn't agree what she said, many essays seemed to me very funny and entertaining. Overall I loved it and I gave it 4 starts.


Croqueta y empanadilla (Croquette and small pasty) by Ana Oncina. This book is about a croquette and a small pasty. The pasty is Ana Oncina (the author) and the croquette is her boyfriend and the book is about their adventures: their first trip, living together. It's really funny and, although this summer it was the second time I read, it didn't let me down. I gave it 4 starts.


Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclear. This book is a children book. It's about two sisters: Virginia and Vanesa. One day Vanesa notices that something is wrong with Virginia, she is acting in a strange way. Vanesa tries to help her, trying Virginia was the same the person was before. I liked the story because it's strange and peculiar and it's based on Vanesa Bell and Virginia Woolf, which is a bonus. I liked the originality and the drawings. I gave it 3 starts.


Little wizard y Jack Frost por Kazuno Kohara. I really liked this author, not only for the artwork, which is beautiful as you can see from the covers, but also about the stories she tells. I really loved both books and I highly recommend them to you. They were great. Little wizard is about wizard that he can't fly no matter how much he tries. Here comes Jack Frost is about a child who is bored because all his animal friends are hibernated. I think these books are perfect for children and I sure they'd enjoy them a lot. I gave them 4 starts.

¡Oh, diabólica ficción!  (Oh diabolic fiction!) by Max. This book is a compilation of comic strips that were published in the Spanish magazine El País semanal. I liked the book, I liked some comic strips more than others, but in general, I found it entertaining and funny.


 30 historias de Tia Mila (Aunt Mila's 30 stories) by Ursula Wölfe. I didn't know anything about this author until I saw a video where somebody told a short story by her. I really liked the story so I decided to borrow some books by her in the library. One, the one I like the most, was this. This book contains 30 stories where the main character is Aunt Mila. Aunt Mila is a young women who lives all kind of adventures. I found the book funny and entertaining. I gave it 4 starts.


Robot dreams by Sara Varon. I liked this book way more that I expected. I had already read  Bake Sale by the same author and, although I loved it in the end and gave it 4 starts, at the beginning I felt disappointed. This book is a graphic novel about a dog who buys a robot on the Internet. The robot comes and they start a friendship. What I liked the most was the fact that, although there are not words in the whole graphic novel, you only see pictures, you can understand perfectly well the story. I highly recommend it to you. I gave it 4 starts.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson. This book is about a woman who is very porr and she's looking for a job. By mistake, she is going to end in Delysia LaFloss' house and thanks to that mistake her life is going to change. This day she is going to have the opportunity to see how rich people behave and see the place these people go. I highly recommend it to you if you want to read something light, funny and entertaining. I gave it 3 starts.

These all the books are made an impression on me. Let me know what are yours :)


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