Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday of review: Bludzee by Lewis Trondheim

Hi everyone!!! :)

So, today I want to review this AWESOME book I have recently read.

Lewis Trondheim is one of my favourite authors. He is a French cartoonist who has written among other works the Lapinot series which, by the way, I love and I highly recommend to all of you because the books are really good.

The book is about a cat who lives with his owner in a flat in France, I don't know if it's in Paris or in which town and he has a lot of adventures.

In this case, the book is amazing and adorable and really really funny. I think it's quite difficult to be able to write and draw something which can make people laugh and this book made me laugh a loooot. You never get tired of the story and you want to read more and more. Although it's quite thick, the book is really small and you can easily read in one day because it's really, really entertaining and hilarious. I really love it. Two thumbs up!

And here is  Bludzee 

Well, this is me, but what about you?

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