Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top Ten Favorite New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2012

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Hi everybody!!! :)

So today I want to share with you my favourite new to me authors I read in 2012.

And here is the list:

Ann Brashares. This person has changed my life with her books because they are pretty awesome. At first, I was a bit reluctant to read them because I thought that maybe they were for teenager or maybe it wasn't my kind of thing. Once I read the first, I wanted to read more although I waited to read the second one for several months. Once I read the second one, I read the third one and the fourth one almost immediately. The books are so good, so entertaining. I highly recommend them because everything you can think are on them (Well, except vampires or werewolves) love, divorce, friendship, death. Besides, I love the books because what happens on them is plausible, it's like life is. Nothing is perfect, sometimes life sucks and Ann knows how to express it.

David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. I really love these authors, they are great. They are the writers of books such as Nick and Norah's infinity playlist and dash and Lily's book of dares which are books I adore and I can't stop recommending.

I hope to read something only by David Levithan or Rachel Cohn soon.

Sue Townsend. I have recently read The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 and I really loved it. It has become one of my favourite books because it is hilarious. It was so funny that I laughed in every single page. I haven't read anything else, but I will because this read was really really good :)

Richard Bach

Richard Bach. This author is really great. I have read three books and I love all of them which I find very difficult to say of other authors. I love his books because they are so different that I use to reading. In every book he tries to teach you to be better, to have the energy to start something new. I don't know how to explain it, but you should try one of his book because they are special.

Charlaine Harris
Charlaine Harris. I have only read one of her books, but I loved it. it was amazing. I was so surprised that I loved this much.  Although, maybe you are tired of vampires and werewolves, I think, you should give it a try to Sookie Stackhouse series. It's very well-written and it's a mix of many things: mystery, action, love, passion, sex. I really loved it.

Sophie Kinsella 

Sophie Kinsella. This author is also great. I love her Shopaholic series because I laugh a lot although the fifth book I don't like as much as I loved the rest.

Kiersten White 

Kiersten White. Kiersten is very funny and her work is the same. I enjoyed reading Paranormalcy very much, although I am not a huge fan of creatures. I like them, but I don't use to reading about them. And Lend, just for that, I looooove all her work.

Cecelia Ahern 

Cecelia Ahern. I was very surprised about this book and the way Cecelia wrote. Both they were great. I had heard what the book was about, but never in my life had I imagined that I'd enjoyed so much. It's sad, of course, but also it's funny and smart.

Jennifer E. Smith 

Jennifer E. Smith. I really loved The statistical of love at first sight and the way Jennifer gets us into the story and the topics are in there. I loved it because the story is girl meets boy, boy meets girl, they fall in love and everything is great, because life is not like this.

Gene Luen Yang 
 Gene Luen Yang. At first, I thought that I wasn't going to enjoy with American born Chinese story because I didn't understand what it was about, but once I got the format, I wanted to read more and more. I finished it in one day because this author is really great telling stories and I'm definitely going to read more story by him.


Well, this is me, but what about you?


  1. Ah, I really love Cecilia Aherns's books, they're lovely - have you read Where Rainbows End?


    1. No, I haven't, but now I'm curious. I think I'm going to add to my TBR pile :)

  2. I love Sophie Kinsella's books! :) My TTT list: http://aliceinreaderland.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/top-ten-favorite-new-to-me-authors-i-read-in-2012/

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Yes, they are great!!! :) I want to read I've got your number.