Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Monday! What are *you* reading?

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Hi everyone!!! :)

Today it's Monday and these are the books I finished last week, the books I'm reading right now and the books I want to read next.

Last week I finished

 I really enjoyed reading this book. It was very easy to read and very entertaining. I highly recommend to you :)

Now I'm reading
 I like the book because its ideas are very revolutionary, but I don't love it. I think that this read makes you think about our actual society, but the action is a bit slow.

I'm really really enjoying reading this one. It's really amazing.

It's a story about two teenagers, but it's unconventional. I really love how David and Rachel write. I'm  definitely going to find more books written by them.

I expected that it was a bit funnier than it is although it's very entertaining. I like it because the author joins the fairy tales very well plus it's a quick read :)

 Well, I'm not totally sure if I'm going to read this one next. It will depend how I feel that day, but I think it could be also a great summer read :)

Well, this is me, but what about you?


  1. I love your selection of books. I guess that means I had better start stalking you! (Ok, "following" but I like the term stalking better, lol)

    Happy week of reading!!

    1. yeah, it's incredible the amazing books you can find. AWESOME!!! :)

      Thanks for joining me :)

  2. Beauty Queens has been read a lot recently. :) I used to be one *cough* so I'm interested in this read for sure! :)

    Check out what I'm reading at Between the Bind

    1. Yes, I want to read this in summer because it seems to me the appropriate time. I've already started reading it but it was a bit difficult for me because of the vocabulary(I'm Spanish) so, I put again on my shelf.I'll try reading this again soon :)