Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Monday! What are *you* reading?

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Hi everyone!!! :)

Today it's Monday and I want to share with you what I read last week, what I'm reading right now and what I want to read next.

Last week I finished

 I really liked the book. It was very entertaining and surprising. All Neil Gaiman's books are great reads! :)

This one surprised me although I'd read the first book because I didn't expect I liked it so much. In many cases the second book is not as good as the first one, but in this case that didn't happen. I really really enjoyed reading. If you liked the first book , you should read this one.

Now I'm reading

As you know Ray Bradbury died last month and I wanted to pay some tribute. John Green (the writer) and his brother Hank Green have decided to start again their book club reading and discussing Fahrenheit 451.

Here is Hank's explanation about the reasons to do the book club and read this book

Here is John Green's video telling you that you have to read the first part of this one by Tuesday :)

I've just read a few pages and it's very funny. I hope all the book is in this way.

Next in my pile

I really really loved Norah and Nick's infinite playlist by the same authors like this one, so I hope that I love this one too :)

Well, this is me, but what about you? What are you reading today?


  1. Wow, thanks for telling about the Fahrenheit 451 book club. I might just dig that out and reread the first part. Love John Green.

    I am just getting into this Monday reading sharing today. I'm enjoying reading other's blogs. Here is my reading for this week.


  2. You are welcome. Yeah, John Green is GREAT! :)

    Thanks for sharing your post. It's always great to know about other blogs and their readings :)

  3. Beauty Queens is hilarious! Hope you enjoy!

    Happy reading this week :)
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

    1. Great, because I feel like laughing.

      Have a happy reading too :)

  4. Neil G is a popular author, I do keep considering trying him.

    1. He is popular and he is also a good author.If you like one of his books, I assure you, you'll enjoy all of them. Everything depends on your taste.

  5. I loved Neverwhere - I listened to it on audio and it was fantastic. Beauty Queens is one I hope to get to soon too. Hope you enjoy your books this week.

    Tanya Patrice

    1. Thank you! :) Beauty Queens is a bit difficult for me to read because of the vocabulary and I feel that I've missed some jokes, but, anyway, it's very funny.

  6. I enjoyed the Sisterhood series as well. Did you know she published a book last year about the girls as grownups?
    Happy Reading!

    1. No, I didn't :( Well, as soon as I finish the series, I am going to read that one for sure. Thanks for telling me :)

  7. Have a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  8. yes, they are really cool :) I don't know why I missed your comment, sorry :(