Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Quote: Nick and Norah's infinitive playlist

Hi everyone!!! :)

When I read a book I like to write down book sentences that I've found curious or funny. 

Recently, I've finished Nick and Norah's infinitive song written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. It was a great book. When I read the blurb I thought that I was going to like it, but in the end, I looooooooooooooved it. 
Now, I want to share with you some sentences which grabbed my attention when I read it.

Here is the quote:

" Tal laughs. "Piece of shit car: five dollars. Value of Norah's opinion: three cents. Irony of her calling me an asshole: priceless"

I found this hilarious. I hope that you've liked it and now you want to read the book. 

Well, this is me, but what about you?

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