Friday, April 6, 2012

Book chat: Book choosing.

Hi everyone!!! :)

This is an idea of Misty over at The Book Rat. Today the discussion is about how we choose the books we want to read and how  it has changed over the years.

First, I've being reading all of my life, but it's true that my way to choose what I want to read next has changed a lot over the years.

When I was a kid, I think, basically, I went to the library and took the books seemed to me more attractive.

When I was older, I remember starting choosing books because the author was a woman. I thought that we could have things in common, that the content of the book would be similar to my life, that I would feel part of the story. Now, it turns out that my favourite authors are men.

Later, I watched TV programs about books, read reviews, watched authors' interviews , people's recommendations or just walked in the library, read the blurb and consider if I liked it, in order to find what to read next.

Now that I read book blogs the way I look for books is totally different. I always take note about the books people are really excited about. I trust their criterion, since they have never let me down, and wrote the titles down. Then, I signed up to Goodreads which made things much easier. Every time I hear about a book I open my Goodreads account and just add the book. When it comes to going to the library or to buying a book, the only thing I have to do is open my account and look for my to read list and look for books. As easy as that.

This way I've changed the books I used to read. Well, first, since I follow book blogs I approach authors who otherwise I'd have never known. What's more, people have discovered me a lot of books. So, every time I go in a book shop, I can't help telling everybody: hey, look this book or wow, they have this one or I can't believe it this is the book I wanted for so long and it only costs 3 euros! I'm going to buy it. So, yes, definitely, since I follow book blogs I've found great books that otherwise I don't think I could find. That makes me want to read more and now I prefer to read a book than watch TV, for instance.

Secondly, I wasn't a great lover of young adult fiction and now it's basically what I'm reading. I like reading different genres. I'm open to all of them, but every time I think this book sounds great it turns out to be young adult fiction. But, anyway, they are all so great!

Thirdly, the blog gives the opportunity to know a lot of good books and since I follow some memes like It's Monday! what are you reading? I try to finish a book each week. Besides, I update on Goodreads which page I am and see how the line grows. It's always a way to enjoy and challenge yourself.

Well, this is me but about you?

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