Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dewey's read-a-thon: Hour 13

                                      hosted by: Dewey's read-a-thon
 Hi everyone!!! :)

Hour 13 and I'm still up yuuuuuuuuuhu!

1) How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired? yes,  a bit. So maybe I close my eyes just a little.
2) What have you finished reading?Only Supernaturally by Kiersten White
3) What is your favorite read so far?well, now I'm reading Nick and Norah's infinite playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan and I loooooooooooooooove it :)
4) What about your favorite snacks? black chocolate biscuits.
5) Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? If so, give them some love!
 Yes and I like them :)

Well, this is me, but what about you? Are you still there?


  1. Hope you are still going! Chocolate biscuits sound yummy. Enjoy!

    Team Polonius

    1. Thanks :) Today I'm a bit tired.