Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday! What are *you* reading?

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This week I'm going to tell you what books I finished last week, what books I'm currently reading and what books I intend to read next :)
Last week, I read two books:

             - Twenty love poems and a song of despair by Pablo Neruda.  I like this book but at first, I was a little disappointed because I didn't find something especial in the poems.  But little by little, the poems liked more and more and the last one of the poems is my favorite one. Here I leave you the poem :)

I could write the very saddest verses tonight 
Writing, for example "The night is sprinkled 
With stars sparkling blue, far away."  
The night wind whirls in the sky and sings.
I could write the very saddest verses tonight 
I loved her and at times she also loved me.
On nights like this I had her in  my arms. 
I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky. 

She loved me, at times I also loved her. 
How could I not love her big staring eyes?
I could write the very saddest verses tonight. 
To think I don't have her. To feel that I have lost her. 
        To hear the immense night, even more immense without her. 
        And the verses fall on the soul like dew on the pasture. 
What does it matter that my love couldn't keep her? 
The night is full of stars and she's not with me. 

That's all. Far off someone is singing. Far off 
My love is not used to having lost her. 
How my glance looks for her to get close to her. 
My heart looks for her and she's not with me. 

The same night that turns the same trees white. 
We aren't now the same way we were then. 
I no longer love her, that's certain, but how much I loved her. 
My voice searched on the wind to touch her ear. 
Someone else's, she's someone else's. Like before I kissed her. 
Her voice, her bright body. Her infinite eyes. 
I no longer love her, that's certain, but perhaps I love her. 
Love lasts so short and forgetting takes so long.
But on nights like this I had her in my arms. 
My heart is not used to having lost her. 

Although this may be the last pain that she causes me 
And these may be the last verses that I write her.

              - Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I like the way Lauren Oliver writes and how put the things and her unusual ideas. I enjoyed very much reading this book although at first I wasn't very interesting on it. Once I entered in the story I couldn't stop reading it and I finished very quickly. Now, I can't wait to read the second part.

Now, I'm reading:

                 - The map of time by Félix J.Palma. I'm still reading this book. As I said before it's a bit thick so I'm taking my time to finish it. I really like it and I think it's very well-written. I like time travels, love stories, mystery and he puts these things in a such nice way than it's a pleasure to read it.
                 - The Symposium by Plato. I like this book but I am not used to the way things are explained, so many times I get lost and I have to re-read the sentences. It's not difficult but the characters are making references about gods and goddesses which I don't know. 

                 - Introduction to Ancient Greece by Francisco Javier Gomez Espelosin. This book is very well-written but I don't know many things about this age so, sometimes it's difficult to me see the picture, but, I think the book is good.

                 - Forever by Maggie Stiefvater. At last I'm reading the third and last part of The wolves of Mercy Falls series. I liked so much Shiver (the first book) that I decided to buy this book. Linger (the second part) disappointed me a little because there are new characters and changes that I didn't like it. In contrast, this part seems very good and I'm enjoying reading it so far, although I've just begun. We'll see :)

                 - The housekeeper and the professor by Yoko Ogawa. AWESOME book!!!!! :) :) I think I discovered it thanks to goodreads but maybe I'm wrong. I haven't finished the book yet but Yoko Ogawa has become one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read the rest of her works. I really really really really recommend it. Great book, well-written, normal people, normal lives but AWESOME. I love it :)


Mort by Terry Pratchett. I'm not a native English speaker and I find Terry Pratchett's books terribly funny but terribly difficult to read them. I read only a few because of that, but I really want to give this book a try.

Well, this is me, but what about yours?


  1. You've got quite a reading list there! I like that you are trying something really old, like Plato. Me, I'm just starting The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman about the Jews who fled the Romans by establishing a community on the mountaintop of Masada. I'm enjoying it so far, but at 500 pages I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish as I am a pretty slow reader.

  2. I am not familiar with many of your books this week - will wait to see your reviews of them.

    Stop by my It's Monday post if you get a chance.

  3. I guess it was a pretty normal week of reading for me. Please come see what I've read.

  4. Wow, three comments. Thank you guys for stopping by my blog :)

    Trish: mmm that book sounds really good. I never try anything by Alice Hoffman but maybe I start reading this book.

    Kristin: yeah! sometimes you find everybody is reading the same books as you and other times you don't know any of them. I like your blog.

    pussreboots: wow! you read a lot! I wish I could do the same. I haven't read Mansfield Park but it sounds a good option to read now :)