Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jane in June: Second Round

Today it's Wednesday, so let's talk about Pride and Prejudice in the read along hosted by the book rat.

This week we talk about the chapters from 18 to 29. In these chapter we see Elizabeth dancing with Mr Darcy unexpectedly. I liked this part because he finally asks her for a dance and she is thinking something else that she doesn't realise  what she is doing and says yes to Mr Darcy, the person who doesn't want to dance. I like Mr Darcy in this chapter because he is trying to hide his feelings and I like Elizabeth because she is trying to give him a lesson. I think nobody, except Lizzy, could do that.

In these chapters, Elizabeth also has to face a proposal of marriage. It is amazing how important was at that time a girl had to get married. At least in this case, she can say no freely. I like the reactions of Mr Collins, Mrs Bennet and Mr Bennet, especially the last one. He is so funny, every time he speaks I think I'm going to laugh. I think Mr Collins behaves like a child in this part and when Elizabeth goes to Hunsford trying to emphasise what Elizabeth has lost because she said no. In the case of Mrs Bennet, I expected her reactions because she already thought of Mr Collins being a good match for Elizabeth. So, when she discovers Elizabeth has said no, she can't believe it and asks for help in the person of Mr Bennet. I like Mrs Bennet saying to Elizabeth she will never speak to ELizabeth again if she doesn't get married and at the same time Mr Bennet saying he won't speak to her if she does XD

Besides, Elizabeth visits Hunsford and she meets Lady Catherine. I like the conversation between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine. Elizabeth is very witty replying the Lady Catherine. I think Lady Catherine treats Elizabeth very bad but Elizabeth knows how to deal with her.

On the other hand, we see Jane suffering for her love to Mr Bingley. Miss Bingley sends a letter saying Mr Bingley is staying in London and he doesn't expect to come back. It makes Jane very unhappy and we all sorry for her. She is so nice that we don't like people treat her like this. Miss Bingley says Mr Bingley could be interested in Miss Darcy. Elizabeth tries to cheer her sister up saying that this is not true. After, Jane will be taken to London and try to talk to Mr Bingley but Miss Bingley isn't happy to see her and she doesn't tell her where Mr Bingley is. I start hating this Miss Bingley ¬¬

Finally, Miss Lucas finds a husband. I like it because everybody says she never finds a husband and it turns out the first one in marrying. She married to Mr Collins. I like Mrs Lucas says to Mrs Bennet she has already a daughter married. Mrs Bennet was telling her this all the time and now Mrs Lucas takes revenge.

I like the book until now. Sometimes I don't feel reading it but when I start I can't stop reading it . 


  1. glad to hear you're liking this. i enjoyed reading it awhile ago and continue to enjoy it and it's various scenes of the times. it is wonderful how mr bennet is on elizabeth's side.

  2. Yeah! I love the good relationship Mr Bennet and Elizabeth has.

    Thanks for you comment :)