Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jane in June : Third Round :)

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Another Wednesday and it's time to think about Pride and Prejudice and exactly chapter s from 30 to 42. In this chapter Elizabeth stays at Hunsford with her cousin Charlotte and Charlotte's husband, Mr Colling . I like this part because many things happen.

First, the arrival of Mr Darcy to Hunsford. I didn't expect that. It's funny because Elizabeth doesn't want to see him and she is meeting him everywhere :P I like these chapters because this stay gives the opportunity to Mr Darcy to explain himself. How many times you do something and people misunderstand your actions. This explanation gives you another perspective of Mr Darcy. He is not as bad as seems. 

Secondly, the proposal. I love the Mr Darcy's proposal :) I like because he can't contain himself and asks Elizabeth marriage. He has tried it but he can't stop his feelings which means they are strong and deep feelings.  But I  don't like what Lizzie sees, he expects she says yes.  I don't like how much pride Mr Darcy is, but I like at least once you know Mr Darcy better he is deep and try to help your friends and family.

Thirdly, the letter. I think after reading the letter he gives to Lizzy, I changed my idea of him. I thinks he is a good man, he is good person but he is too proud of himself, apart from that I think he is perfect. As a said before, I like he can explain himself and he does so nicely and correct that Lizzy realises what Mr Wickham has told her couldn't be true.

In the last chapters, I thought Mr Wickham was a very kind person and Mr Darcy was a very proud person who thought he was better than the rest, but after reading the letter and then when Elizabeth talked to Mr Wickham you realise Mr Wickham is a coward and takes advantage of people with his manners but he's nothing more than appearance whereas Mr Darcy although he's very proud if you know better he improves.

And you? What do you think about it? Do you like Pride and Prejudice? I think it's a great book and now, I want to read all the books of Jane Austen Have you read them? Did you like them? Tell me or join to Mysty's blog (

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