Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit

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I have totally abandoned this blog and that is a pity. I want to write it again and have nice chats with you about books :)

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Today I'm going to tell you about the books from my childhood I would love to revisit. I have only found 9, but I'm sure I have more.

Here they are

Pelines by Gloria Fuertes. This book is one of my favourite books when I was a pre-teen. Every time I felt sad or unhappy, I read it and I felt better :) It's about this boy who is raised by his aunts and honestly, I don't remember more. The only thing I remember is that the whole book is told in verse. Cool! :)

An adventure in Seville by Ferrandiz. This is a book that I loooooved when I was a child. Sometimes I had arguments with my sister because my sister and I wanted to read it at the same time. No wonders why, there's fairies, magic and dancing. What else a child can ask? The story is about a little woman who is given magic castañuelas. If she plays them, everybody starts dancing although they don't want to. At the beginning, if I remember correctly, she uses in a wrong way, but in the end she uses so the good can win the evil.

Querida Susi, querido Paul

Dear Susi, Dear Paul by Christine Nöstlinger. I really love this book. I have read it thousands of times. It's about a girl and a boy. The boy has to go to live another place and he can't see the girl any more so they write letters to each other. They are really cute and they have a strong relationship. Even though they are not living in the same place, they write each other.

Sagittarius Serving (The Zodiac Club, #6)

Sagittarius Serving (The Zodiac Club #6) by

Le petit Nicolas (Le petit Nicolas, #1)

Nicholas (Le Petit Nicolas #1) by René Goscinny, Jean-Jacques Sempé.

The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang

The Witch's Handbook

Cuentos Por Telefono