Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: How to be a good wife

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I hope you are very well. Today I want to talk about this book:


What is this book about? In this book a wife gives you advice from her own experience about how to be a good wife in the marriage and what to do or not as a wife. This book is supposed to be true, that it was made in order to give advice to newly married women in the 30s . 

(I want to point out that my sister gave me this book as a present because I had recently got married and also because she wants me to have a good laugh reading it. This book was published in 1936 and the things are told in this book are so outdated that you can't help but laughing.)

My thoughts of this book:

This book was an interesting book. It made me laugh, it made me angry, but also I found it useful.

The advice can be useful in certain occasions. For instance, "if you are in a hotel and something goes wrong in your room , instead of complaining to a client, what you should do is going to the reception and explain your problem".

Other times the advice made me angry because it seemed to  me that the woman wasn't considered a person who could be intelligent or they could have her own job. For example: "if you meet another woman you shouldn't brag about your husband's intelligence or his success because maybe the other woman is not married to a man who is not as intelligent or successful as her husband". 

And there were other times that I couldn't help but laughing.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and I was glad that some things that they are said in the book are not happening any more.

My rating: 4 starts

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