Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: The complete Peanuts, vol. 12: 1973-1974

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Today I want talk about this book:


What is this about? This one is a comic about a boy, his dog and his friends and all the situations and adventures that happen to them.

What I liked about this book. 

The fact that it was really funny. I have a good laugh reading this book.

Also that I felt related. Even though it seems a book for children there are some topics such as depression, fit in the world and things like that they fall more in the adult department. I think children and adult would enjoy this book.

I really liked when Snoopy writes his short stories and novels. It's what I enjoyed the most.

You can read the book very quickly and you can read at the same time of a novel or just relaxing after reading a long book or a depressing book.

What I didn't like.

It was the comic strips about baseball. I thought it was because baseball is not part of my culture, so I have only some notions about how to play this game.But now I'm reading another volume of the complete Peanuts and I have to say that the baseball comic strips in that volume I find them really funny, so maybe the ones in this volume are not as funny as the others or at least I didn't find them funny. Not sure.

My Rating: 4 Starts

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