Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: Three times the woman in grey by Carmen Pacheco

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Today I want to share with you my thoughts about this book:


What this book is about?: It about an old man who was a policeman, but he is now retired. He likes observing people and after seeing a woman three times in the same day wearing grey, but different clothes, decides to start investigating. The next day, he meets a boy who is also investigating the case and they decide  to join forces to be able to solve the mystery quickly.

My thoughts:

I liked this book. Even though it was a children book it was difficult for to me to figure out what was going on. It was an interesting story and I think children and adult would enjoy.

I liked the fact that it was very engaging and easy to read. You could read it in just one day.

Also I liked the relationship between the man and the child. They created a great boundary between them and I liked the fact that they weren't related.

One thing I didn't like and it's something that annoyed me a little bit, it was the fact that the child was recovering from cancer. I think in this book was necessary in order to create a boundary between the main characters and to explain why the child didn't have friends, but I have to say that now it's really hard for me to pick up a book that I think it's one thing and nothing else. This book is a mystery case, but it also talked about cancer and death. I don't think that it is not a bad thing, but sometimes I just want to pick up a mystery book and I want to be just a mystery book. So, in this book I think it was OK to put that, but I wasn't thrilled about it.

My rating: *** stars

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