Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sundays in bed with...

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Hi everyone!!! :)
Oops, I almost forget to write this post. Sundays in bed with... is my favourite meme because it gives you the opportunity to share the book you're spending the day and your thought about it.

This is the book I'm spending the day with

Ready Player One

I started reading because everybody was saying nothing but good things about and because they said that it made references to the 80s. Since I was born in 1979 I was really curious about it. I started reading it and I was a bit bored because I couldn't see the point of the story, but little by little the book is more and more interesting and now that I'm in the middle of the book (more or less) I'm totally hooked by the story.

Well, this is my book, but what are yours?

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