Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top Ten Books Dealing With Tough Subjects (abuse, suicide, grief etc or something personal hard for you)

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Hi everyone!!! :)

So, today I want to bring you my Top Ten Books dealing with tough subjects.I don't usually read books about tough stuff, what's more, I try to avoid them as much as I can. I don't feel comfortable. But, sometimes you get a  great book that you really want to read and it's about a topic which you don't like, you try to deal with the topic the best you can. Here are ten books which dealing with tough subjects or at least it seems to me. I liked all of them except one which I haven't finished yet, so I don't have the whole picture of the story, but so far it's really good :)

El diario de un indio a tiempo parcialttyl (Internet Girls, #1)Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor, #1)
El mundo amarilloAt Last (Lucky Harbor, #5)Just Listen
One DayPS, I Love YouAnna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)

La vida imaginaria

I was going to explain why I chose these books and what the topic is, but when I was going to explain it, I realised that I would have to give away too much and it would spoil some surprises of some books. If you are really interested in knowing, leave me a comment and I'll tell you.

Well, these are all my books, but what is your Top Ten? :)


  1. PS I Love You is such a sweet book. I loved One Day too. Great list!

  2. I don't know many of these but a few of these are on my TBR pile so I will get to them eventually.

    My TTT

    1. Cool! :)

      I recommend you all of them. They made me think about stuff :)