Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday of review: 84 Charing Cross Road

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Today I want to share with you my review of this book

 84, Charing Cross Road

How would it be to start a correspond relationship which last for over 20 years?

What is this about? This book is about a American woman who decides to ask for books to Mark&Co, a shop in England.


What I like? That the book wasn't a novel.  I normally read novels and I enjoy reading them very much, but sometimes I want to read other things such as non-fiction and it's really hard because every time I've tried, I got bored and I always end up leaving the book unread. This one was a non-fiction book I enjoyed very much. It was funny and entertaining.

I like this book because the author is a book lover and the book is mainly she ordering books to Mark and Spencer.

I've found this book quite interesting because i knew the existence of other books. I also loved  that she read a book which leaded her to another book which leads her to another book and so and so on.

What I didn't like: I wanted something else happened in the story, maybe more action, maybe some romance. I'd also liked she had told more about her life.

I had liked the correspondence had been only between Helene and Frank. The fact that there were other people sending letters to Helene too made me distracted from the story instead of giving me more detail to understand the story better.

Overall: I really enjoyed the book.  It was funny and entertaining. I highly recommend it.

So, well, what do you think of this book? did you like it? or not. Let me know in the comments.

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