Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Lovers Have Lovely Good Ideas: Book Clubs, Giveaways, re-reads...

Hi everyone!!! :)

Have you realised that lately many book lovers are having amazing ideas to share with us?

Here there are some examples (Click on the names for more information about it)

Sarah Dessen read/re-read challenge. I eat words decided to re-read her books by Sarah Dessen and created a challenge. Every month  she's going to read one book from her list and do a discussion at the end of the month. 

Jesse the reader and Andrew from Heavy Shelves have created a "Genre Swap" Lately Jess has realised he's in the YA buble and Andrew only reads classic and adult fiction, so they've decided to send them books each other to read other things and then they realised they wanted to include other people in the project. So if you feel that you only read YA books or you only read adults and classics, you can join to this project. If you only read YA books they are going to pair you with a person who only reads adult and classic books and you send the person a YA book and the person send you an adult or classic book, so you can read other things apart from YA books. Cool huh?

Misty from The Book Rat is hosting the 3rd Annual Fairy Tale Fortnight. You can be a guest if you want. It's from March 24 to  April 6 and it's all about fairy tales. You can find giveaways, reviews, interviews, guest posts ... If you like Fairy Tales and retellings, please check this out :)


Ariel Bissett has created The Austen Adventures!. It's a Jane Austen book club. Every month she is going to read a book by Jane Austen and at the end of the mont she's going to post a review in her channel and we can comment about it. I love this idea. I'm totally in :)

The Cray Club has created another book club. Every month they decide to read a book and at the end of the month they discuss it together online. This month Peter Pan.


Alicia from Alicia Reads is celebrating 500 subscribers, so you can have the possibility of winning a book that you want (which it is not very expensive)

Jason from The Heavy Blanks is giving away beautiful postcards. They are book covers and really really pretty + he is going to do a Q&A so you can ask him a question.

Incendio de nieve is also celebrating 1000 subscribers so she's going to give away some great books. It's only for Spain, but you can check it out anyway.

Lesley from Words of a Reader has bought some really really pretty classic books and she've decided to give them away. Please check her video because they are beautiful.

So this is all what I've found in Book blogs and vlogs on the Internet. If you know more, please tell me because I love these things. If you have problems with the links I've left, let me know in the comments.

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