Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday of Review

Hi everybody!!! :)

So, today I want to share with you my review of this AWESOME book 


What would you do if you found clues about your father? Would you try to find him? What would you do if you couldn't hear anything? 

Well, this is what's happening to the main characters of the book.

What is this about? It's about two children, one boy and one girl, who live in different cities and in different ages.

What I like: I loved the idea of having two stories, one told with words and the other through pictures (cool huh?)

Also, I like Brian introduced the topic of deafness in that way because I hadn't thought in deafness in such way and the book made me want to look into the matter. Plus, I had never read anything related to the topic and it was a treat to read something different and with other issues from I'm used to reading.

Besides, when you finish the book you feel that you have accomplished an important task because the book is so thick that you think you're not going to finish it, but since it's full with picture you end it quite quickly. I think this is great for children, especially for those who are scared of big volumes. When they finish it they won't be scare to try more books with all the kinds of sizes.

What I don't like: At first, I felt the story was a bit slow, but it was just at the beginning because once I knew the character better and the story was set, I couldn't barely stop reading it :)

In summary: I really loved this book. It was well-written and the two stories were very interesting. The book is thick, but you can easily read in a day or two. I highly recommend to everyone, but especially to you :D

Well, so these are my thoughts, but what are yours? What do you think of this book? Did you like it? Do you want to read it? Please let me know in the comments and don't forget to share with me your reviews or other post. Thanks! :) 

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