Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Monday! What are *you* reading?

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Hi everyone!!!  :)

Today it's Monday and I want to share with you what I've read last week, what I'm reading right now and what I intend to read next.

Last week I finished nothing, none, nada :( This happens to me when I read more than one book, but anyway, maybe next week I'll finish two :)

Now I'm reading 

 I really like The statistical probability of love at first sight. I'm reading little by little, savouring it because I really love the story and I don't want to finish it and I like to think about it and yes, the book is really good :) 

Cat among pigeons is really good too, but in the case it took me a little time to engage with the story. I think the fact that there are a lot of names on it, made me lose in the story and I had to start to re-read all over again. But, then, I can't put it down. So, yeah, if you like mystery, you'll love this one.

Next in my pile

Extremely loud & Incredible close by Jonathan Safran Foer. Everybody is talking about this book and everybody agrees that it's good. It's the first book I'm going to read it's written by Foer. I hope I like it.

Well, this is me, but what about you?

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