Friday, November 25, 2011

TGIF Question

                                   hosted by: GReads!

Today the TGIF Question is: When You're Not Reading: What occupies your time when your nose isn't stuck in a book?

Well, many things and here they are:

1.- Reading your blogs. How interesting they are! :) so I spend a lot of time reading them, watching videos and listening to music you put on them.

2.- Knitting. I make this on and off but it relaxes me a lot!

3.- Baking. I love making cakes, cookies, etc. I don't make much of this recently since I can't eat them and Christmas is so clooose but after that I'm going to try to make Cookie Moster Cupcakes. Cool! :)

4.- Studying English. Because of my job I need to learn English although I've always been good at English in school and high school so it's not a punishment. Besides, thanks to you for your blogs I've improved in my reading (of course, you write such amazing things and recommend such good books that it's impossible not to improve:)) In my listening, since I watch your videos without subtitles and look up words, for example quirky, pet peeve, etc. I hadn't any clue what they meant before. Thanks for following my blog, it makes me improve in writing plus I really enjoy talking about books :)  So, thanks, thanks, because you don't notice but I'm learning a lot from you, guys :)

5.- Fencing. I have just started taking classes and I'm not very good at it. It's very complicated because of the movements you have to do but it's very funny.

Well, this is me, but what about you?


  1. 1. Reading blogs

    2. Looking for books to add to my TBR shelf.

    3. Walking - it's the best exercise! And I can listen to audiobooks that way :)

    4. Baking bread

  2. Walking and listening to audiobooks, what a wonderful idea! :)

  3. I've always wanted to learn how to bake. Hopefully, when the time and location permits me, I will! And fencing sounds like fun :)

  4. Well, I made some easy recipes and I assure you I'm not an expert, but I looooove eating chocolate that's why I'm doing this from time to time :)