Thursday, July 7, 2011

Help, please! :)

Today, I have been wondering which book in my to-read pile of books would be the next book to read. I've made a selection and in the end I've decided to choose  between one of these two. So far so good. 
Añadir leyenda

But now, I can't decide which one. I've read the plot of both plots and they look interesting. I've started reading both books and  I liked their first lines. I looked in goodreaders and they have the same score ¬¬

So, now, I've decided to do this and I ask you (beg you) which one you would choose or which one you found more interesting or if you read one, and you liked a lot. Just what you think.
Thanks a lot! :)


  1. Go for Howard's End! I've read both and both are good, but Howard's End is way better. It's such a great, forward-thinking novel, but it's also comforting and full of all that great English civility and propriety - which may no longer be appropriate in a quickly changing world.

    Brideshead is more serious and a little more melancholy, but it is a story that really made me think and which I thought about for weeks after reading it. This book is all about the characters and the things that humans do to each other.

    Honestly, whichever book you choose, you will be happy. You can't really make a wrong decision! I'll be curious to see what you choose. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks a lot for replying me! :) Yeah, I want to read both and after reading your post, it'd be a good idea to read howards end first. Thanks for the help ^^