Friday, May 13, 2011

Book beginnings and Friday 56


Today is Friday. At last! :) This Friday I'm going to follow the idea of A few pages more . It consists in writing the fist line of the book you are reading at this moment. I think this is a cool idea so I'm going to do this all the Fridays.

I'm reading right now 4 books, yeah, I know, too many. For this Friday, I am going to choose Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. Here is the line:

"The wind howled. Lighting stabbed at the earth erratically. like an inefficient assasin."

Hahahahahaha Terry Pratchett is soooo funny although sometimes it's really hard for me to understand what he's saying because of the vocabulary. But I think he's a very good author, well, everybody knows that ;)

And now I am going to take this same book and turn to page 56. Find a page that grabs me and post it as it's suggested by Freda's voice in her blog. I found the idea of Freda thanks to Book Obsessed.
Here is the line:

"What he couldn't phantom was this feeling that it had depth. It seemed to contain far too much geography."

XD No matter what page you choose that you come across something funny.

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