Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eat pray love: the film

I thought I'd love the film because I saw so many parts of it, but this isn't what happened.

 I like Julia Roberts I watched most of her films and several times (especially Pretty woman) but I think the problem was most of the people who watched the film we knew the real Elizabeth and I think, although I like both(the real and the unreal Elizabeth) they aren't the same, they appreared to me like to different people and they dont look like each other which it's what I'd expected.

I don't like Javier Bardem in the film. It's strange for me to see him in some situations having a particular behaviour. He appears to me like a man who is very strong and here it's too much emotional and drippy which it's very strange for me.

I dont like the last part because it was unreal.When I read the book I thought it was the way two people know each other, it's normal but in the film I don't like because it was in a very spectacular way. I liked the book because she was sincere about the life. Life is not easy and we dont know if we stay with a person the whole of you life or just a few months, but in the film is like if he was the man, and that's what i didn´t like.

I think the director tried to make a good film but I had liked it more if it has the same details than the book.

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